LiSi Cosmetics (noun):     Li•Si cos•met•ics     Lēē Sēē/kŏz-mĕtiks/

Definition of LiSi cosmetics:
an exceptional beauty brand that bridges the gap between high end quality products and affordable prices and caters to women of all ethnicities; a complete range of color cosmetics with everything for lips, eyes, face and nails, with shades to complement all skin tones and taste levels; a comprehensive beauty brand destination that offers quality, on trend beauty and personal care items in an inviting, upbeat retail environment; the brand with best in category trending products amongst popular make up brands , at considerably lower price points than you'd expect to pay elsewhere. LiSi gives new meaning to Affordable Cosmetics.

Origin of LiSi cosmetics:
New York City 2011 by a visionary retailer who was inspired by his beautiful wife LiSi; they both saw a void in the retail market for a full-service, affordable, high end beauty brand.

Uses for LiSi cosmetics:
to look (even more) beautiful; to feel beautiful; to enhance your beauty; to express your individuality; to de-stress; to spend less; to get more

LiSi Cosmetics is an upcoming new makeup brand - available online